What Did You Get on Today? – Squamish, BC Bouldering

A collection of some more obscure climbs in Squamish. Filmed in the crazy hot summer of 2017. The name of the vid is based on the first question climbers ask each other after a day in the boulder fields.

1:12 Fish Food V4 – Mantel Madness
2:21 TV Violence V5 – The Jungle, Apron
3:23 Fission V2 – Lip Smack
4:02 Arch Enemy V5 – The Smoke Bluffs
4:59 Intimidating Stare Gopher V4 – The Smoke Bluffs
5:42 Panda Milk V2 – Furry Creek
7:02 Autobody V8 – Mantel Madness
8:10 Launch Break V4 – Survivor
9:00 Head and Shoulders V3 – Murrin Lake
9:51 Sacrilegious V4 – The PowerLine Boulders
10:22 Chicken Lips and Assholes V6 – The Farm
11:26 Kinesthetic V3 – The PowerLine Boulders
12:40 The Land that Time Forgot V6/V7 – The Lost World
13:27 Black Mamba V2 – Spirit World
14:03 Missing in Action V8 – Murrin Park

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