Swim cross training (indoor rock climbing and regular drylands) *OUHS swim films

2018/05/09 Wed 5:00-6:00 special drylands.
All of guys had regular swim workouts. I know arms dies already. Good job ladies, enjoy big sores tomorrow morning!

Kohei Asano
In 2007, he left his home country in order to pursue his goal in becoming a great swimming coach. He has a total of 12 years of coaching experience; 4 years in Japan and 7 years in the US. His passion for swimming and his cultural awareness makes him a unique and creative minded coach. In the few years that he has been here, he has adapted to the diverse coaching and managing styles of the American culture. His willingness to stand by the poolside 365 days shows his love and dedication to help his swimmers improve and overcome their challenges.

He has a special working visa that no one normally gets because one needs to get approval from the government. He is the only coach from abroad who is a H1-b visa holder also working at a swim club legally in USA. Kohei did not know any English when he moved to the United States. Now he can talk to everyone fluently. You will be surprised to know how much he was challenged to add English as a second language.

He appreciates all of the coaches who trust him by giving him the opportunity to coach the varsity group for the past 5 years. In addition to his responsibilities as the varsity group coach, he will continue to be the assistant to all coaches – Tony, Tisha, Carlene, Janet, Hilary and PASA pro team during the 2016 season. He will also be supporting all of Rinconada‘s programs this season.

Kohei is a fun and humorous guy with a lot of passion for swimming. He enjoys socializing with his Japanese and American friends during the weekends. He often attends BBQs and goes to the popular ramen joints in the bay area. He also enjoys watching mixed martial arts and professional wrestling and has an ever-growing collection of sneakers. He is married to his Japanese wife and they had their first baby this year. His son was born here, in the USA and his name is Kento. Kento is an American citizen!

Kohei Asano Rinconada site

Blog: http://koheijapan.blog71.fc2.com

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