My Little Climbing Room

Indoor Climbing Playground Designed & Built for Kids

We believe that every child is born with the ability to climb. We are all natural climbers. It’s just that we lose it over the years as we stop using those muscles and movements. Think back at those childhood times running, jumping, and climbing around whatever you can. Those were super fun right? Kids love to climb and jump around, and it’s good for their development. So why stop them?

Every part of My Little Climbing Room is designed with kids in mind. Our climbing walls are intentionally kept low so that they are less intimidating and more welcoming for the children. Our bouldering wall is well padded to protect the child when they fall.

We designed kids climbing games to make climbing even more fun. Our climbing surfaces have a variety of angles to accommodate different level of abilities. Even if you think that your child can’t climb, I guarantee you that you will change your point of view after visiting us.‚Äč

Each 90 session starts with 30 minutes of free play, then group games, followed by more free play. For weekday unlimited play, we will run group games every 2 hours.

Our instructors will provide guidance and ensure everyone’s safety.

To encourage kids to climb more, we have a mission card for every child with their name written on it. And when they complete all the mission (climb the wall), they will get a mystery prize.

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