Lesson 53 Learn English – The Crash – In, On, At – Time expressions

This lesson is about the crash. Darren asks Kieran if he heard the accident happenned during the night. Listen the dialogue and learn to use the time expressions: In, on, at.

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Lesson 53: In, On, At – Time expressions

The Crash


Darren: Kieran, did you hear that sound in the middle of the night?

Kieran: I didn’t hear anything. What time?

Darren: It was at 3am. There was a screeching of car wheels then a huge crash. I’m surprised that you didn’t hear it. It was so loud.

Kieran: I work the night shift on Mondays. I got home at 1am and went straight to bed, I was so tired. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light. I wouldn’t have heard a bomb going off. Did you investigate what it was?

Darren: Yes. Me and half of the neighbourhood were out in the street. It seems that somebody lost control of their car and crashed into a lamp post. They folded the car around the post and completely uprooted it.

Kieran: That´s terrible, there have been a few road accidents this month. These roads are very slippy in the winter. There are ice patches everywhere. Was the driver alright?

Darren: Surprisingly, he was! However, he got out of the car and ran away. The police arrived at 4 o´clock. Nobody saw anything so we could only tell them what we heard.

Kieran: At least nobody was hurt, there aren’t many people out and about at night. I’d hate to think what the outcome would have been had it happened during the day.

Darren: Best not to think about it. So how much longer have you got to work these night shifts?

Kieran: I finish the night shifts at the end of January. It´s really busy at the moment and they are paying me more money so I don’t mind it so much. In february I’ll return to my usual shifts but they will be raising my salary. The only problem is that I´ll be on-call at the weekend.

Darren: That´s not ideal but you have to think about the money I guess. We’ll have to get in plenty of climbing and partying in before February. Rosie said that she wanted to go bouldering at the weekend. It´s indoor so we don’t have to worry about the weather.

Kieran: There´s a bouldering centre here? I’m definitely interested in that.

Darren: Apparently so, it opened in November. Just in time for winter. I´ll call them in the morning and book our places.

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