Improving your climbing – Ep 1 – Schedule

Ooooh I’m excited about this! I have started a training schedule to psych me up, from my “how do I even..”-stage, to get back to where I was before, and to finally try reaching my true potential.

Hope you enjoy. I’d love any feedback since this is my first video on this topic. Documents talked about are below.

..and many of you may be asking, who’s Javed? And my reply is; a humble man. A very humble man.

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My training sheet and exercises:

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The Books I’ve read:

Training for Climbing by Eric Hörst (Talked about in the vid)
The best one I read, but this might be because it was the first one(?). All climbing books seem to go through the same things. Even Eric’s own books seem to repeat themselves. However, if there’s only one book you should read about training for climbing, it is this one.

The Rock Warrior’s Way by Arno Ilgner
SUPER-GOOD stuff! It goes into the mental aspect of climbing, and stays there throughout. Some say it’s 33% skill, 33% power and 33% mental when it comes to climbing. I’d say the mental is so much higher. And this book will, if treated right (and without improving any further skill and power), make you go up a few grades fast.

Better Bouldering by John Sherman.
Super funny to read and with great tips on improving your bouldering overall. Goes through every aspect and tends to go from super-sciency to climbing-dirtbag in just one chapter.

How to Climb 5.12 by Eric Hörst
If you’ve read Training for Climbing, I wouldn’t say you really need this one. It’s a good overall book with great content however, especially if you are completely new though, so read into it before deciding. Maybe I’ve just been reading too many books.

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Great Youtube channels for exercises:

Mani the Monkey’s training playlists:

Epic TV training playlists (Find Adam Ondra and “Training for Climbing’s Eric Hörst here)

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