Copy of Learn How to Massage your Partner, Basic Massage Moves That Your Partner Will Love Part 1.

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This video will show you how do give your partner a wonderful relaxing massage in one session, remember this is just what I do in my mobile spa practice, what you do in your practice is totally on you and your responsibility to use caution & do no harm.

This video is for educational purposes only, to learn in person, please feel free to give me a call to find out when & where the live and in-person couples & singles basic massage classes are offered. The price for the couples & singles massage class is $50 per person so in total for both giver & receiver both will pay a total of $100 But remember this class will teach you the basic strokes of a relaxing massage for your partner, which is a great skill to learn but your partner will want a massage every time they see you because you have given them the gift of sensual touch which is Very intoxicating and even Orgasmic if you master the Art of massage. So if you have ever wanted to learn how to massage your partner then this is the greatest massage class that you will ever experience, I have 3 classes going each month and they do fill up very quickly, so sign up ASAP.

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The mobile spa comes to your home, party, or office event, or you may come to my office ” By Appointment Only ”
10610 Rhode Island Ave. #204
Beltsville, MD 20705

Business Inquiries Only:
If you would like to hire me to do your youtube business marketing videos for Esthetics, Massage or any other business call 301-335-9077 or

If you would like to collaborate with me on making a youtube video or business marketing project or just have a personal question to ask me, call 301-335-9077

For Esthetic & Massage continuing education classes ( CEU’s includes non-CEU”s as well ) call 301-335-9077 all classes are hands-on classes with no boring lectures. Below are CEU classes that can be taken online or in person. If taken online you will be given a link to where you will have full access to the instructional class video.

1. Chair massage 6 CEU’s $25
2. Fire & Vacuum cupping 6 CEU’s $80 ( 2 glass cups & 6 vacuum cups are included.
3. Reflexology 14 CEU’s $80 ( reflexology Thai stick included )
4. Hot stone massage 16 CEU’s $120 ( hot stone reusable hot packs included )
5. AIDS/HIV & communicable diseases & Ethics combo 6 CEU’s $20
6. Basic massage/certificate only $25
7.Advance massage/ certificate only $50
8 Face massage/certificate only $25
9. Shiatsu face massage/certificate only $25
10. Basic Facial/certificate $25 ( learn how to clean & care for your skin )
11. Cupping the face/certificate only $20 ( good for before & post surgery clients, brings nutrient-rich blood to the clients face )
12. TENS unit Deep Tissue class Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation class certificate only $25 is good for a therapist who wants to use deep tissue without overusing their thumbs and hands. The machine does all the deep tissue work for you and is great for all especially sports massage recovery.
13. Insurance billing for Esthetics & Massage therapy certificate only $125

Below are CEU & non-CEU classes that must be taken in person at the CEU training center located 10610 Rhode Islan Ave. #204 Beltsville, MD 20705 or at your home or event.

1.Dry & wet room treatments 16 CEU’s $200 ( training held at Aria Medi-spa sterling, VA near Dulles airport )
2. Lymphatic Drainage 12 CEU’s $150
3. Sports Massage 12 CEU’s $150
4. Deep tissue advanced massage techniques 12 CEU’s $150
5. Stretching your clients 6 CEU’s $50
6. couples massage class certificate only $100

Who should take CEU classes?
anyone who wants to further their esthetic & massage training, new and veteran massage therapist, beauticians, barbers, cosmetologist, stay at home & working moms, salon workers, and owners, new and veteran business owners, makeup artist, everyone who loves to make money.

These CEU classes will not get you a full esthetic’s or massage therapy license, you would have to attend a full time 7-8 month school for a license. My CEU classes are for the licensed therapist who needs to renew their license, as for people who do not have a license, these classes are great because you do not need a license to start your own business with these CEU’s. So if you want to skip past paying for school and not have to pay a student loan, then you are in luck because all my classes are designed to teach you the needed skills to implement these new techniques into your business. For example, if a barber or hair stylist took a CEU facial class from me, they both can now add a new service to their clients, bringing them more money, an instant upcharge the same holds true for any profession.

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