Climbing On Legendary Problems – Jerry Moffat Shows Us The Way

Sheffield invited us to take part of CWIF this year, to experience all the climbing adventure that’s happening during this weekend.

We got a great crew with us: Emil, Linda, Fredrik ( he’s in semi finals tomorrow, so psyched) Åke and me.

We estimate there will be between 4-6 videos, so keep an eye out for the videos for the next few days!

Dont forget to check out:
For behind the scenes photos!

So, what’s happening in episode one? you might ask!

Let me tell you!

We start of the day checking out Climbing works, we look at the “infinity board” that was the final test piece during the final in BIFF.
Then we visit The Foundry (Jerry Moffats gym) to try out some legendary problems, that jerry did 20 years ago and has not seen many repeats. So there will be a lot of climbing!



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