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Videos & articles of interest to ALL indoor & outdoor climbers PLUS the boulders and climbs of one of the world's great climbing areas: SQUAMISH BC CANADA. Enjoy.

  • The 2018 Arc’teryx Climbing Academy will return to Squamish, BC July 19-22. More information:

  • SKywalker, 10a variation, Sunshine Chimney Center to Slot Machine.

  • Decided to take our training to the next step and complete the 8 pithces of this 5,6 rout at the Apron. After this climb is easy to get lost in the inmensity of the Chief and try other routs too.

  • A collection of some more obscure climbs in Squamish. Filmed in the crazy hot summer of 2017. The name of the vid is based on the first question climbers ask each other after a day in the boulder fields. 1:12 Fish Food V4 – Mantel Madness 2:21 TV Violence V5 – The Jungle, Apron 3:23…

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